10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving to Alaska

Embarking on the journey towards your dream life in Alaska, it’s crucial to be prepared for the unique aspects of this extraordinary place. Firstly, the moving company provides relocation services but we also offer valuable advice to make your transition smooth and comfortable. Here are 10 key aspects to pay attention to:

Seasonal Realities: Be Ready for Diverse Climatic Conditions

Obviously, Alaska is known for its unpredictable weather. Ensure your wardrobe is equipped for harsh winter freezes and cool summer evenings.

Transportation Peculiarities: Explore Accessibility to Different Regions

Depending on the region of Alaska you plan to settle in, research available transportation options. Explicitly, this will help determine what means of transportation you’ll need.

Housing and Initial Decisions: Plan Them in Advance

Plan your Alaskan residence well in advance. The housing market can be limited, so starting your search early is advisable.

Work and Education Features: Explore Opportunities

Look into employment and education options locally. Evidently, Alaska provides unique opportunities, and being prepared in advance can help you integrate faster.

Adapting to Light: Prepare for the Polar Day

Seasonal changes in daylight can affect your sleep. Anticipate this, especially if your move is scheduled for the summer months.

Natural Hazards: Be Prepared for Earthquakes and Other Phenomena

Familiarize yourself with local natural phenomena and learn how to respond to earthquakes, tides, or other events.

Cultural Diversity: Familiarize Yourself with the Local Population

Alaska prides itself on a diverse cultural mix. Consequently, learn about customs and traditions to interact respectfully with the local population.

Resources and Products: Get Ready for Local Living

Explore the available resources in your new location as this may influence your choices of groceries, goods, and services.

Pet Care: Ensure Their Safety and Comfort

If you have pets, find out about local conditions for pets and take steps to ensure their comfortable adaptation.

Community and Networking: Prepare for Interaction with Neighbors

Lastly, engage with the local community in advance. This will help you integrate into Alaskan culture faster and gain the support of neighbors.

Altogether, collaborating with a professional moving company will streamline your relocation, offering not only services for moving your belongings but also valuable recommendations based on local nuances.


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