Hawaii: Immersion in History and Culture of the Islands

Embarking on a journey to explore the history and culture of the Hawaiian Islands is an essential part of your relocation, and our moving services ensure you don’t miss the enriching experiences these islands have to offer.

Commence your exploration at the Bishop Museum, founded in 1889 with a mission to preserve the historical and cultural heritage of the archipelago and the entire Pacific region. With a collection boasting 24 million diverse historical, cultural, and natural artifacts, and a local library housing 115,000 publications, a million recordings, videos, and manuscripts, this institution is a treasure trove of knowledge.

The Hawaiian Hall on three museum floors provides a deep dive into the islands’ history. One hall is dedicated to the endemic birds of the archipelago and their significance in the lives and culture of islanders throughout the centuries. The scientific discovery hall allows active participation in exploring the fields where Hawaiian scientists have made significant contributions, particularly in oceanography and volcanology. The Pacific Hall provides insights into the flora and fauna of the Pacific Islands. The museum also showcases rich collections of clothing, weaponry, artifacts of worship, and daily life of ancient Hawaiians. Visitors can stargaze through telescopes or participate in the “Night at the Museum” program.

Immerse yourself in history by visiting the iconic Iolani Palace. A rarity among former royal residences accessible to the public globally, this structure holds a unique place in the United States. The captivating history of Iolani Palace traces its roots back to 1845 when King Kamehameha III shifted the capital to Honolulu and acquired a modest coral block building from relatives. Over time, the palace underwent significant transformations and expansions, evolving from a space housing only a throne room, a reception room, and a dining room – adhering to local traditions – to the grandeur of the current building that still stands today.

In the heart of Hawaii, the four-story house stands as a testament to the amenities of 1882 civilization, boasting telephone communication and electrification. Originally serving as the government of Hawaii following the monarchy’s overthrow, the palace now acts as a custodian of royal regalia, books, and paintings. While the adjacent “new palace” of King Kamehameha V remains viewable only from the outside, as it houses the state supreme court, it adds to the historical richness of the site. For a broader exploration of Hawaii’s history, a visit to the world-renowned Pearl Harbor naval base is a must. Additionally, delve into the archipelago’s past by exploring Fort Ruger, the first fort on the islands, nestled within the Diamond Head crater.

Another intriguing site on the island is Shangri La, the 1937 estate of American heiress and philanthropist Doris Duke. The building incorporates various architectural traditions from India, Morocco, Iran, and Syria. Duke collected 2,500 art objects of Muslim culture over almost six decades, some integrated into the house’s interior, such as tapestries and carpets, while others are on display. Shangri La is open to tourists, hosting various exhibitions and seminars.

Established in 1927 by missionaries Anna and Charles Cook, the Art Museum in Hawaii has become a cultural cornerstone. With its origins in the Cooks’ home, the museum’s growth necessitated a dedicated building, which now encompasses a library, a scientific wing, a theater, a contemporary art gallery, and an art studio. Housing an impressive collection of 50,000 art objects spanning nearly 5,000 years of human history, the museum features paintings, graphics, and decorative art from European, American, and Polynesian masters. Beyond static displays, the museum serves as a vibrant hub, hosting film screenings, lectures, and workshops for a dynamic cultural experience.

Your relocation to Hawaii becomes more than a move with our assistance—it transforms into a captivating journey through time and culture.

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