Mexican architecture and design: What styles are popular

The architecture of Mexico is diverse, and on the background of historical cultural monuments, modern architecture is developing, as it is a big bet in tourism. Let’s see what Mexico can surprise and attract.


National Palace

This national cultural monument, a beautiful large Mexican baroque building, is located in the Plaza de la Constitución. The majestic exterior of the building is decorated inside with frescoes by the famous artist Diego Rivera, which tell the history of the country (the author worked on them for 16 years). The northern and southern parts of the palace are decorated with large towers. Each part of the palace is like a museum and is decorated with works of art by creators of different times.

La Luz del Mundo Church in Guadalajara

One of the most unusual temples, with little resemblance to traditional churches. The architect Leopoldo Fernandez was the author of the project, thus immortalizing his name. The futuristic design makes a strong impression. The building looks like a pyramid of seven levels, the edges of which consist of 14 concave arcs. The levels diminish by being placed one above the other and are crowned by a huge dome and a long spire. The ceiling inside each level is painted in a different rainbow color.

The Baroque Museum in Puebla

Built by architect Toyo Ito. It exhibits painting, sculpture and fashion, as well as works on theater, music and even food. The museum has a modern architectural form, and the white concrete petals of the building are surrounded by a pond in a circle.

PIT3 Technology Park

Mexican architects have built an innovation center where they conduct research in aeronautics and automotive design. The buildings have spectacular faceted geometry, which is based on technology used in aviation, and aggressive lines used in sports cars. The rooftops feature one of the most modern gardens in Mexico, which is irrigated with treated wastewater.

Adamant residential complex

This thirty-story building in the city of Puebla consists of 175 lofts. The facade consists of protruding cubes resembling the facets of a diamond. At the 24th floor level there is an open veranda with two columns. The house is finished with local stone of gray shade, glass and black granite.


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