Mexican Health Care: A Guide to Medical Care

Taking care of your health in a new country is one of the biggest concerns for expats. Let’s understand how the Mexican healthcare system works and how you can get the care you need, even if you’re not a resident of the country.

Public and private institutions:

Mexico’s health care system includes both public hospitals and private clinics. Pre-registration is often required for appointments at public facilities, while private clinics make it more convenient to make an appointment in advance.

House call services:

Private clinics offer the option of house calls, which is especially convenient for people with limited mobility.

Documents for seeking medical care:

When seeking medical care, have your Mexican ID card or proof of temporary residency with you. If you do not have these documents, obtain a temporary ID card from your local municipal office – it is a simple process.

Medical Emergencies:

Emergency phone numbers: For emergency care, call your local ambulance (066) or fire department (068) number.

The cost of health care services:

Public facilities:

Cost: Public clinics often provide health services for free or for a nominal fee.

Private clinics:

Cost: The cost of services at private clinics varies depending on the type of service, starting at about $20 per consultation.

Access to physicians for non-residents:
Happy nurse comforting patient while he donates blood to hospital

Private clinics in Mexico generally accept patients regardless of residency status. You can seek care from a wide variety of doctors, from general practitioners to subspecialists.

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