Moving to Hawaii for Retirees: Features and Benefits

With retirees increasingly looking for new opportunities and adventures these days, moving to Hawaii is becoming an increasingly attractive option. Just the right place where sunshine, warm ocean breezes and amazing nature create the perfect conditions for a comfortable life in your golden years.

Moving to Hawaii for retirees is not just a change of residence, it’s a transition to a new lifestyle filled with amazing opportunities. In this article, we’ll look at the reasons why Hawaii is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for retirees, as well as the key aspects to consider when planning a move.



We’ll talk about the climatic conditions that make Hawaii an ideal place to live, especially for those who want to avoid harsh winters and enjoy warm sunshine year-round. We’ll look at the benefits of health care and the level of safety, which are important criteria when choosing a place to retire.

We will also familiarise ourselves with the different regions of Hawaii and their features so that every retiree can find a place that suits their preferences and needs. We will discuss the importance of choosing a reliable company to transport and store belongings, especially for an international move, as well as support and adjustment services in the new location.


Benefits of moving to Hawaii for retirees



In Hawaii, retirees find the perfect combination of natural beauty and favourable climate, making it an attractive place to live all year round. The tropical climate with moderate temperatures and almost constant sunshine creates the perfect conditions for an active lifestyle. Ocean breezes soothe the heat and an average temperature of around 26°C all year round makes Hawaii suitable for holidays and all kinds of outdoor activities.

In addition, Hawaii is known for its quality health care. The health care system in the islands is well developed, and retirees can expect access to qualified doctors and modern medical technology. Many medical facilities offer specialised care for seniors, including nursing and rehabilitation programmes, making Hawaii an attractive destination for retirees in need of quality medical care.

Safety also plays an important role when choosing a place to retire. Hawaii is known for its low crime rate and friendly atmosphere. Retirees can feel safe both in their homes and on the streets, which adds to the confidence in choosing this place to live.

No special permits or visas are needed for retirees to move to Hawaii from the US, as long as they are US citizens. However, if retirees plan to relocate from other countries, they will have to take care of immigration formalities, including obtaining the appropriate visa or residency permit. Nevertheless, Hawaii welcomes international retirees and offers various programmes and services to facilitate their relocation and adjustment.

  1. Hawaii Retirement Communities Programme (HRCP): This programme provides information and support to retirees who want to move to Hawaii. It includes advice on choosing a place to live, referrals to health and community services, and assistance with paperwork.
  2. International Retiree Tax Incentive Programme: Hawaii offers tax incentives and incentives for international retirees moving to the islands. This may include exemptions from certain tax obligations or reduced tax rates.
  3. Retiree Residency Programme (RRP): This programme offers retirees the opportunity to obtain Hawaii residency status, making it easier to access local services and benefits.
  4. Community Support Services: Various community and non-profit organizations in Hawaii offer a variety of support services for retirees, including assistance in finding housing, medical care, transportation services, and educational programs.
  5. Retirement Planning Seminars and Workshops: Retirement and relocation planning seminars and workshops are held in various parts of Hawaii, offering information on financial planning, choosing a place to live, and other important aspects of retirement.

Cultural and social opportunities in Hawaii are diverse and appealing to retirees. From traditional Hawaiian festivals and events to museums and art galleries, there is something to suit every taste and interest. Local community programmes and clubs offer opportunities for socialising and active participation in island life.

Senior Centers

Hawaii has many senior centres that offer a variety of activities and programmes to keep seniors social and entertained. These may include fitness classes, dance classes, crafts workshops, bridge and chess games, as well as social activities and excursions.


Hiking Clubs

Hawaii offers unique hiking and camping opportunities due to its beautiful natural scenery. Local hiking clubs organise regular events for seniors to enjoy an active lifestyle and socialise with like-minded people.

  • Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Club (HTMC) is one of the oldest hiking clubs in Hawai’i, they organise weekly hikes of varying difficulty on different trails in Hawai’i (official website:
  • Sierra Club of Hawai’i: Sierra Club of Hawai’i also conducts regular hikes in Hawai’i, as well as environmental stewardship and other conservation initiatives (official website:
  • Oahu Hiking Group ( This is a group on the platform that organises hikes on the island of Oahu. It offers a variety of hikes for all tastes and fitness levels (official website:

Cultural Clubs

In Hawaii, cultural heritage is important, and local cultural clubs offer retirees the opportunity to immerse themselves in Hawaiian culture through participation in traditional dances, musical performances, language learning and cultural traditions.

Volunteer Organisations

Many retirees in Hawaii find satisfaction and meaning in life through volunteer activities. There are many volunteer organisations offering a variety of opportunities to participate in community events, help those in need and support local communities: Habitat for Humanity Hawaii, Hawaii Foodbank, Aloha United Way, American Red Cross Hawaii, Surfrider Foundation Hawaii.

Arts and Crafts Groups

For those who are passionate about arts and crafts, Hawaii has a variety of groups and clubs where seniors can engage in painting, sculpting, needlework, and other creative activities with like-minded individuals.

Choosing where to live



Moving to Hawaii for retirees is a significant decision that requires careful planning. Each region of Hawaii has unique features that may appeal to retirees depending on their preferences and needs.

The island of Oahu, home to the capital city of Honolulu, offers a variety of opportunities for retirees. Most medical and educational facilities are concentrated here, as well as numerous stores and restaurants. Oahu is also known for its beaches and cultural activities.

Maui attracts retirees with its beautiful beaches and mild climate. This island is also known for its spa resorts and outdoor activities such as golfing and snorkeling.

The Big Island of Hawaii is characterized by its diverse landscapes, from volcanoes to rainforests. Here, retirees can enjoy secluded beaches and beautiful national parks such as Hawaii Volcanic National Park.

Kauai, also known as the “Garden Island,” offers retirees a peaceful and relaxing environment with picturesque beaches and rainforests. This island is also known for its many hiking trails and beautiful gardens.

When choosing where to live in Hawaii, it is important to consider a retiree’s preferences and needs. The cost of living in Hawaii can vary depending on the neighborhood and type of lodging chosen. For example, housing in more popular and touristy areas such as Honolulu on the island of Oahu or Kailua on the same island can be more expensive compared to less touristy places. Retirees may want to consider housing options in less popular areas where the cost of living may be more affordable.

An important aspect for retirees is the availability of amenities in the area where they live. Stores, dry cleaners, and shopping centers can make daily life much easier. Some neighborhoods in Hawaii offer a rich infrastructure with many stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and other amenities.

For example, the Ala Moana neighborhood in Honolulu offers access to one of the largest shopping centers in the state of Hawaii, the Ala Moana Center, which includes many stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Supermarkets, pharmacies, and other amenities are also located in this neighborhood, making it an attractive retirement living option.

Here are some examples of the cost of living in different neighborhoods in Hawaii:

  1. Honolulu, Oahu:
  • Rental Housing Costs: The average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in central Honolulu neighborhoods is about $2,000 to $2,500 per month. In suburban neighborhoods, prices may be slightly lower, around $1,500 – $2,000 per month.
  • Food and Services: The cost of food and services in Honolulu is generally higher than in other areas of Hawaii due to the high cost of living. Average grocery costs can run about $500 – $700 per month per person.
  1. Kahului, Maui:
  • Rental Housing Costs: In Kahului, rental housing costs can be slightly higher than average on the island of Maui due to its central location and proximity to local attractions. The average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment here is about $1,800 – $2,200 per month.
  • Groceries and Services: The cost of groceries and services in Kahului can be relatively high, but lower than in Honolulu. Average grocery costs can run about $400 – $600 per month per person.
  1. Kapaa, Kauai:
  • Rental Housing Costs: In Kapaa on the island of Kauai, rental housing costs are generally lower than in more touristy areas such as Poipu on the same island. The average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment here is about $1,500 to $2,000 per month.
  • Food and Services: The cost of food and services in Kapaa can be comparable to other areas on the island. Average grocery costs can run about $400 – $600 per month per person.

These examples can help retirees evaluate the cost of living in different areas of Hawaii and choose the one that best fits their budget and preferences.

Local and international relocation



Moving, whether local or international, is a complex process that requires careful preparation and organization.

Sometimes people may consider moving on their own without engaging specialized services. However, it is important to realize that turning to professionals can make the moving process much easier and faster, as well as reduce the risk of property damage and unfortunate situations.

Benefits of turning to professionals:

  1. Experience and Skills: Professional companies are experienced and qualified in the moving industry, allowing them to effectively manage all aspects of the move.
  2. Efficiency: Professionals have the necessary equipment and resources to move your possessions quickly and safely.
  3. Safety: Professional movers care about the safety of your belongings and ensure that they are protected during transportation.
  4. Time and Effort Saving: Contacting professionals saves time and effort that could be spent on organizing the move yourself.
  5. Guarantee: Many professional companies provide guarantees for their services, which gives you additional confidence in the successful completion of the move.

One of the key aspects of moving is choosing a reliable moving and storage company.

When looking for local movers and moving services in Hawaii, it is important to pay attention to the company’s reputation, experience, and licenses. Retirees can refer to customer testimonials and recommendations to choose a reliable partner for their move. In addition, it is worth considering the range of services provided by the company, such as packing, transportation, unloading and even unpacking things.

It is especially important to choose a reliable company for an international move to Hawaii. Such companies should have experience with international moving and the appropriate licenses. They should have experience with customs formalities and knowledge of international shipping regulations and requirements.

Professional moving companies help customers save time and money by providing a wide range of services:

  1. Packing materials: The companies provide all the necessary packing materials, which makes the process of preparing for the move easier.
  2. Understanding the volume of materials: Experienced professionals help customers estimate the amount of packing materials needed to avoid overages or shortages.
  3. Packing: Professional packers pack things quickly and efficiently, allowing customers to go about their business freely.
  4. Estimation of moving time: The companies provide accurate estimation of moving time, which helps customers to plan their affairs around this event.
  5. Providing transportation: Moving companies provide the necessary transportation to move the belongings, which saves customers from having to find or rent transportation on their own.
  6. Loading and unloading: Professional movers load and unload belongings quickly and carefully, minimizing the risk of damage.
  7. Delivery and unpacking: Companies deliver the property to the new location and, upon request, help with unpacking and unpacking.
  8. Storage of goods: Movers can also provide temporary storage services, allowing customers to keep their possessions in a safe and secure place until they are ready to receive them.
  9. Document preparation: Movers handle all the necessary documentation, which frees clients from hassle.

Absolute Relocation Service provides all of the above services, providing high quality local and international moving service in Hawaii. We guarantee the safety and integrity of property throughout the moving process, providing customers with maximum comfort and convenience.

In addition, we offer international cargo transportation services, ensuring full compliance with all customs formalities and international transportation regulations. Our company strives to make international moving to Hawaii as safe and comfortable as possible for our clients, providing them with a high level of service and professional support at all stages of the move.

Support services and transition period



During the adjustment period in Hawaii, retirees can take advantage of a variety of support services provided by both local organizations and community services. These resources play an important role in helping new residents settle into the islands and establish a comfortable life.

Local support services for retirees include a wide range of services, from health care counseling and financial planning to assistance in finding housing and adapting to the local culture. They also provide information on a variety of program and financial opportunities for retirees, including discounts on services and entertainment, as well as programs for additional education and classes.

Here are some of them:

Hawaii Pacific Health

The organization provides a wide range of medical services and health programs for retirees.


AARP Hawaii

The local chapter of the American Association of Retired Persons provides information on social programs and events for seniors.


Hawaii Community Foundation

Organization dedicated to philanthropy and community programs, including scholarships and grants for seniors.


Senior Citizens Program

A network of senior centers providing a variety of social and recreational programs, health care and counseling services.


Meals on Wheels Hawaii

Organization providing daily meals and social support for homebound seniors.



One of the key roles of community organizations is to build community and provide a social connection for retirees. Local senior centers, clubs, community programs and events provide opportunities to socialize, participate in a variety of activities and meet new people. This helps to combat social isolation and supports the psychological well-being of seniors.

It is important to note that local organizations and support services usually have a wide range of contacts and connections to other resources in the community. This means that retirees can access additional services and support when needed, such as medical care, psychological support, or legal advice.

The transition period when moving to Hawaii can be a challenge, but with the wide range of support services and solidarity of the local community, retirees can feel confident and comfortable in their new location.




Moving to Hawaii for retirees presents an attractive opportunity to start a new chapter in life on the beautiful tropical islands. In this article, we have looked at a number of key benefits that make Hawaii an attractive place to live for retirees.

First, the favorable climate and quality of life create ideal conditions for an active and healthy lifestyle. In addition, the availability of high-quality medical services and health care programs provides retirees with the support and confidence they need for their well-being.

Cultural opportunities and community programs create opportunities for social engagement and participation in the islands’ community life, which fosters social connection and psychological well-being.

However, a successful move depends on proper preparation and selection of reliable transportation services. It is important to turn to professionals who will help with the organization of the move and ensure safety and comfort during the transportation of property. Absolute Relocation Service will be happy to be your reliable relocation partner to take care of all your relocation needs and allow you to fully enjoy discovering new natural beauties, diverse lifestyle and cultural opportunities.

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