Shopping in Mexico – where and what to buy

Every tourist needs to know where to buy food and souvenirs so as not to be cheated, as well as what memorable things to bring back from the trip. The Reforma 222 shopping center in Mexico City is considered one of the best in the country. It is located in one of three new towers, two of which are office and residential complexes. Shopping here should be done carefully, as you can find goods both at low prices and overpriced, so it is worth walking through several stores and comparing prices before settling on one. The mall has a movie theater, as well as Starbucks, Subway and several cafes and restaurants, and in addition to local brands you can find Swarovski, Nike, Bershka, Body Shop and other international brands.

La Isla Shopping Village

Cancun is home to the popular La Isla Shopping Village, where you can find the most important brands, both regional and international (such as Hugo Boss, Pandora and Victoria’s Secret), as well as many great restaurants. There is a Cinemex movie theater and a unique humane interactive aquarium containing over a hundred species of marine life, where you can safely swim among sharks and dolphins. The center frequently hosts entertainment events.

Market 23

At “Market 23” in Cancun you can buy food, medicinal herbs, wood and clay products, clothes, snacks in the snack bars. Prices are low, so the market is popular with locals, and it’s worth coming here even just to soak up the authentic Mexican atmosphere. “Tianguis de la 100” is a huge Cancun market with vintage items, local products and appliances. It will take you more than an hour to get around the whole market. The colorful San Juan Market in Mexico City is known for exotic food such as insects, crocodile and lion meat and similar quirky gourmet goods.

Citadel Flea Market

Mexico City’s Citadel Flea Market has been operating since the 1970s and sells delicious homemade food, ceramics, glassware, painted wood goods, textiles, silver, guitars, costume and jewelry, furnishings, traditional clothing and more. People come here for gifts and souvenirs. Many of the items sold here are unique and cannot be found anywhere else, especially handmade items. It is a large and beautiful but surprisingly quiet market guarded by the police, and there are clean restrooms and a small restaurant on site.

La Caja Orgánica

“La Caja Orgánica” in Cancun is a small cozy store, ideal for vegetarians, vegans and lovers of natural products. It sells fresh fruits and vegetables, soy products, various sweets and natural eco-friendly cosmetics. Every month the store organizes a bazaar where sellers and producers of natural products gather. The name of the store can be translated as “Organic Box” or “Organic Box” – and the store is indeed like a neat little box surrounded by plants.

Colorful Mexico beckons with its rich tapestry of unique products, inviting travelers to take home a piece of its vibrant culture as cherished souvenirs. From handwoven fabrics to naturally dyed T-shirts, variegated rugs, and warm wool blankets, these items not only make for delightful keepsakes but also practical mementos. As you navigate through the bustling markets, consider the following treasures to encapsulate the essence of your Mexican adventure.

Add warmth to your memories with variegated rugs and cozy wool blankets, both functional and aesthetically pleasing. These items, often crafted with meticulous attention to detail, represent the artisanal expertise that Mexico is renowned for. Choose pieces that resonate with your taste, creating a visual tapestry of your travel experiences.

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