Best places for winter vacations in Mexico

In winter, Mexico opens its arms to those who want to escape the cold and snow in a land of warm seas and vibrant colors. From sandy beaches, where azure waters caress the soft sand, to charming colonial streets filled with the flavors of traditional cuisine, this country will warm the heart of every traveler. And here are the top 5 best places for a Mexican-style winter vacation.


The large resort city of Cancun is located on the Yucatan Peninsula, washed by the Caribbean Sea. Soft sand and crystal clear turquoise waters create all conditions for a delightful beach vacation even in winter, and ancient Mayan ruins, such as Chichen Itza and Tulum, will help foreign visitors to plunge into the rich history of Mexico. Add to this beautiful Caribbean scenery, a plethora of all kinds of entertainment, tempting gastronomy and world-class luxury hotels, and you have an unforgettable vacation – Cancun guarantees it!

Los Cabos

In the municipality of Los Cabos you can not only enjoy the warm weather even in winter, but also meet celebrities. Movie actors, reality TV stars, top models and athletes come there for luxury vacations and a variety of outdoor activities, from camel rides in the desert to exciting whale watching. One of Los Cabos’ main treasures is the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Cabo Pulmo Marine Park, where you can dive into a colorful underwater world.


The small, romantic 16th-century town of Ajijic is nestled between the famous Sierra Madre Mountains and the shores of the majestic freshwater Lake Chapala, Mexico’s largest. It is a charming refuge from the winter chill with a mild, pleasant climate and picturesque terrain that lends itself to leisurely hikes. Also awaiting tourists are art galleries and colorful markets, along which melodic mariachi music pours out.


Ensenada, one of the largest communities in the state of Baja California and its administrative center, is part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. It welcomes visitors with a temperate climate and many attractions. Ensenada has a lot to offer travelers, from boat trips to visiting scenic vineyards and national parks.


Oaxaca, the colonial city and capital of the state of the same name, beckons visitors with its rich history, art and culinary scene. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a year-round vacation destination, but winter brings out its charm in a special light. Unique archaeological sites, the stone waterfall Hierve el Agua, called a natural phenomenon, mineral springs, lively markets and much more await tourists in Oaxaca.

As you dream of your winter retreat in Mexico, consider these enchanting destinations. And when the time comes to make your move, our moving company stands ready to assist, ensuring a smooth transition to your winter haven in Mexico.

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