How to find a job in Alaska. Search for job openings without intermediaries

In the quest for exciting employment opportunities in the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska, our moving company is here to facilitate your transition seamlessly. Navigating the job market in Alaska can be challenging. Our professional services extend beyond transportation – we understand the intricacies of relocating to Alaska and can assist you in overcoming the hurdles associated with the job search process.

Not every American employer is ready to spend time and effort on bureaucratic procedures related to the registration of a foreigner’s work permit. Moreover, in order to hire an applicant from abroad, the vacancy must not be claimed by local citizens, and the salary level must be no lower than the state average.

The first thing to do is to decide on a region where, based on the demand for occupations in the local labor market, you have a good chance of finding a job in Alaska.

Anchorage. The largest city in the south of Alaska, where more than 40% of the citizens of the entire state live. It has the highest concentration of job openings for foreigners in various fields.

Fairbanks. The second largest city in central Alaska, home to the University of Alaska. Jobs are offered in science, education, and some social professions.

Juneau. The capital of the state of Alaska. A major source of job openings, especially for seasonal employment, is in the tourism industry. A very expensive region to live in. For example, renting a home will cost at least $1,000 per month.

Kenai. In a small town with a population of up to 8 thousand people, work is offered, including for Russians, in tourism, seafood processing and fishing industry.

Valdiz. The city in the south of Alaska. Vacancies for foreigners in the oil industry are available.

This is not a complete list of cities for employment in Alaska. Some other regions have shortages of skilled technicians, construction workers, and medical personnel. Be patient and analyze information on the Internet. Visit forums and social media groups. Look for employers and offer services directly. Start your search for a job in Alaska without intermediaries from government resources.

Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce official website –

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Sign up for professional social networking – – A helpful resource for finding seasonal summer jobs in Alaska including, fishing, oil industry, construction, cruise ships, seafood packing and more.


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