Destination Hawaii: Kaua’i Farmers’ Markets

In the delicious realm of culinary delights, a deep affinity for food seamlessly intertwines with the vibrant atmosphere of a farmer’s market. Each of us is happy to declare our cherished culinary preferences, and personally, I can only limit myself to three favorites! The abundance of fresh, wholesome produce has an inexplicable appeal that feeds the soul of every food lover.

In unraveling the reasons behind Kauai’s reputation as a food lover’s haven, a key factor emerges. Kauai boasts a daily farmers market, ensuring that whenever you find yourself on the island, the chance to explore and savor seasonal produce and locally crafted dishes awaits—a culinary experience seamlessly woven into the narratives we’ve shared in numerous stories.

Diverse “levels” of markets grace Kaua’i, with local producers discerning which aligns with their preferences. As per our understanding, a handful are loosely affiliated coalitions, complemented by Sunshine Markets overseen by the county. Notably, markets managed by the Farm Bureau, recognized for live entertainment and additional attractions, hold a special place. They uphold a requirement that a minimum of 51 percent of all goods sold originates from Kaua’i. Many markets entice visitors with complimentary samples, feature food trucks, and showcase Hawaiian flowers, spices, and health products alongside the array of fresh produce.

You can’t miss the Lihue Saturday Market, which is held on the campus of Kauai Community College. It’s well-organized and laid out here, giving you the opportunity to experience many different things no matter which aisle you start your journey in.

When you’re in Kauai, pay attention to these names and locations to find the market that’s right for you:


  • Kilauea
  • Koloa Knudsen Baseball Park
  • Lihue Kmart parking lot
  • Kilia Farms (next to Kilia Beach)


  • Kalaheo District Center
  • Lihue County Historic Building
  • Waipa
  • Kapaa Coconut Market


  • Kapaa City Park
  • Kaua’i Culinary Market, Kukuiula Shopping Center


  • Kilauea District Center
  • City of Hanapepe


  • Vidinha Stadium in Lihue
  • Kilia Farms


  • Hanalei Farmers Market
  • Kauai Community College
  • Kekaha District Center
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