Kentucky basketball and sports in Mexico

After a tough game in which the Kentucky Wildcats suffered a resounding 79-62 loss to the South Carolina Gamecocks, the second time this season that the Cats failed to score 80 points, the attention of basketball players turns to a completely different court – the vibrant arena of the Mexican LNBP league.

So, let’s shift our attention to Mexico. If you are planning a trip or relocation to this bright and sunny country, basketball is an integral part of it, and we will briefly tell you about it in this article.

Established in 2000, the Mexican LNBP league has undergone significant evolution over two decades, with the participation of 73 clubs. Currently, the championship features 17 teams, categorized into East and West divisions. Following the regular season, the top 8 teams progress to the playoffs, engaging in series lasting up to 4 wins.

In its rich 20-year history, the league has witnessed the participation of 15 teams in the LNBP finals, with 11 emerging as champions. Leading the pack are Soles Mexicali and Alcones Xalapa, both securing the championship four times. Beyond the national league, Mexican basketball extends its reach, with clubs actively participating in the prestigious Basketball Champions League of the Americas. Noteworthy is the victory of the Mexican club Pioneros Quintana in the 2012 tournament.

The Mexican championship runs under the slogan “Believe in your game”, collaborating with 11 television partners and showcasing famous players. In particular, the league has featured talents such as 5-time NBA champion Dennis Rodman, who played for LNBP in 2004, and Golden State forward Juan Toscano-Anderson was the 2018 MVP.

When evaluating the dynamic basketball scenes in the United States and Mexico, it’s important to recognize the global impact of the sport. Our moving company specializes in seamless relocations, whether you’re moving athletes, fans, or enthusiasts, just like the game itself. Trust us with the logistics so you can focus on the exciting world of sports, wherever it takes you.

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