Extreme Hawaii: skydiving, wakeboarding and mountain biking bases

Hawaii is not only about paradise beaches and tropical climate, but also a real heaven for extreme sports lovers. These islands attract thousands of tourists and athletes from all over the world with their variety of activities that allow you to experience adrenaline and enjoy the picturesque nature in one moment.

Rock climbing, skydiving, wakeboarding, mountain biking – this is just a small list of things to do in Hawaii. It is here that athletes find the perfect conditions to immerse themselves in a world of extreme sports and natural beauty at the same time.

Extreme sports enthusiasts choose Hawaii not only as a vacation destination, but also as a new home. Many are moving to the islands, whether it be a local move or a long distance or even international move, to experience the adventurous atmosphere and enjoy an active lifestyle in this unique place.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the most popular extreme sports in Hawaii, their features and opportunities for travelers and athletes, focusing on how local and long distance moves play an important role in the lives of those who choose these islands as their escape from the ordinary.

Skydiving in Hawaii: Conquering the Skies


Skydiving is an extreme sport that involves jumping from a height from an airplane or other platform and then free-falling before opening a parachute. The sport originated in the early 20th century when military skydivers began using their skills for recreational purposes.

Hawaii, with its spectacular scenery and beautiful weather year-round, is an attractive place to practice skydiving. The most popular skydiving spots in Hawaii include North Shore Oahu, where you can enjoy spectacular ocean views and bounce over endless waves; and Maui, where you can experience the adrenaline of jumping over beautiful beaches and wild landscapes.

The best time to go skydiving in Hawaii is during spring and summer, when the weather is stable and there are no strong winds. It is also recommended to jump during the daytime when visibility is good and conditions are safe.

Skydiving does not require any special preparation, but it is recommended to undergo a short training before the first jump. For those who want to try this sport in Hawaii, there are many companies offering skydiving services.

There are several types of skydiving that are offered in Hawaii:

  1. Tandem Skydiving is the most common type of skydiving for beginners. In this case, you jump with an experienced instructor who operates the parachute. Tandem Skydiving is available from many companies, including Skydive Hawaii and Pacific Skydiving Center. The cost of such a jump usually starts at $200 to $300.
  2. Accelerated Freefall is a training program that allows you to make jumps on your own under the supervision of instructors. This type of jump is offered by Hawaii Skydiving Adventures. The cost of this program usually starts at $2,500 for a full training course.
  3. Wingsuit Skydiving is an extreme sport that allows you to pilot a special suit in the air. This type of jump requires special training and experience. Skydive Hawaii offers customized programs for those who want to try Wingsuit Skydiving. The cost depends on the chosen program and can be specified upon request.
  4. BASE Jumping is an extreme sport in which athletes jump from fixed objects such as buildings, bridges or cliffs and open the parachute at the last moment. For BASE Jumping, it is recommended to contact professional instructors and clubs such as Hawaii BASE Jumping. The cost and conditions are specified individually.

Before choosing a company for jumping, it is always recommended to read customer reviews, check licenses and safety certificates, and discuss all details and requirements with the instructor.

Wakeboarding: Conquering the Waves


Wakeboarding is an extreme sport that involves controlling a special board (wakeboard) on the surface of the water, tied to a boat or cable, using a pair of special shoes.

The islands of Hawaii offer great conditions for wakeboarding. One of the best spots is Wailua River on the island of Kauai, where you can enjoy amazing scenery and calm waters. Other popular wakeboarding spots are Kaneohe Bay on Oahu and Kahului Harbor on Maui.

Wakeboarding requires special equipment including a wakeboard, boots, and a safety vest. The best time to practice is in the morning or evening when the water surface is the calmest. Weather conditions also play an important role: clear days without strong winds are preferable.

The optimal water temperature for wakeboarding is usually between 21°C and 28°C. This allows you to comfortably stay in the water without a special wetsuit and not overheat in hot weather.

In Hawaii, water temperatures can vary slightly from season to season. During the winter months, from December through February, the average water temperature is around 24-25°C. In the spring, summer and fall, from March to November, water temperatures rise to 26-28°C.

Although wakeboarding may seem difficult for beginners, no special training is required to master it. However, it is recommended to take a short course with professional instructors to avoid injury and learn proper technique.

In Hawaii, wakeboarding services are provided by companies such as Hawaiian Watersports, Oahu Wakeboard School, and Maui Wakeboard School. Prices typically start at $100 to $200 for an hour of equipment rental and instructional services. In addition, many companies offer beginner packages that include several hours of instruction for a fixed price.

Mountain Biking: Speed down the Slopes


Mountain biking is an exciting and adrenaline-filled sport that Hawaii has many options for conquering slopes and trails. The islands of Hawaii, being full of diverse landscapes, offer many mountain biking trails and routes.

One of the most popular mountain biking destinations in Hawaii is the island of Maui. Here you’ll find a variety of trails with varying levels of difficulty, ranging from easy for beginners to challenging for experienced riders. The Haleakala Ridge area trail is especially popular, offering spectacular scenery of volcanic landscape and wildlife.

The island of Oahu also has a variety of mountain biking trails, including trails in the Kualiana Ridge and Luakake Valley area. Here you can enjoy riding through the jungle and traverse high hills and steep slopes.

Extreme cycling requires proper equipment including a mountain bike with shock absorbing forks, safety helmet, gloves, knee and elbow protection. For beginners, it is recommended to seek professional instructors or bike clubs that provide bike rentals and workshops. For example, Maui Mountain Bike Company offers mountain bike rentals from $50 to $100 per day, as well as personalized tours with instructors from $100 to $200 per hour.

The optimal time for mountain biking in Hawaii is spring and fall, when the weather is stable and there are no heavy rains. However, riding is possible year-round, and you can enjoy the freshness and coolness of the mountain areas during the summer months. Before hitting the trails, it’s important to make sure your bike is in good condition and you have the fitness level to tackle the challenging sections.

Hawaii offers bicycle tours for several days, both group and individual. These tours usually include organizing routes through the most scenic areas of the islands, as well as providing equipment, guides, and lodging.

Group cycling tours for several days are usually organized by tour operators and cycling clubs. Group members ride together, following a pre-planned route under the guidance of experienced guides. Accommodation is usually provided in hotels or campsites along the tour route.

Customized cycling tours are also available and can be specifically tailored to the client’s interests and preferences. In this case, you can expect a more flexible schedule and personalized attention from the guide. Accommodation is usually organized in hotels or villas near the tour route.

Prices for bicycle tours for several days can vary depending on the chosen route, tour duration, comfort level and included services. On average, these tours start from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per person.

To find bike tours in Hawaii for a few days, you can contact specialized tour operators such as Hawaii Bike Tours, Bike Hawaii and Maui Mountain Bike Company. It’s also worth reaching out to local bike clubs and communities that can offer personalized recommendations and contacts.

Hiking Tours


Hawaii has several extreme hiking tours and amusement parks offering unique opportunities for the adventurous and extreme hiker. Here are some of them:


Kalalau Trail

It is one of the most famous and dangerous hiking trails in Hawaii. It is located on the island of Kauai and leads through the impregnable gorges and Napali Coast. This roughly 18 kilometers long hike offers stunning views, waterfalls and secluded beaches, but requires good fitness and caution due to dangerous sections.


Koko Crater Trail

This hiking trail on the island of Oahu traverses a steep volcanic crater. This trail is a true test of physical endurance and balance as it leads over old railroad tracks turned into steps. Due to the height and steepness of the sections, this is not for the faint of heart.


The Hanauma Bay Ridge Trail

It is another popular hiking trail on the island of Oahu. This tropical trek winds through the jungle and offers spectacular views of Hanauma Bay and the surrounding mountains. It can be a bit extreme due to the uneven terrain and some steep sections.

Here are some companies in Hawaii that offer hiking tours of the island of Hawaii, including hikes to volcanic craters, jungles, waterfalls, and geothermal springs: Hawaii Forest & Trail, KapohoKine Adventures, Hawaii Volcano Expeditions, and Hike Maui. Depending on the company and the itinerary and services selected, prices typically start at $80 to $300.

Amusement Parks



There are a number of amusement parks in Hawaii that appeal to fans of extreme fun and adventure. These parks offer visitors a variety of rides and activities to experience the adrenaline rush and enjoy the stunning scenery of the islands.


Kualoa Ranch

This amusement park on the island of Oahu offers many extreme activities in a stunning natural setting. Here you can go on ziplining tours, ATV rides on scenic trails, jungle horseback riding, and more. Ziplines are especially popular, allowing you to fly over dense jungle and enjoy stunning views. Ziplane tours at Kualoa Ranch start at around $170 per adult and $140 per child.


Maui Ocean Center

This is a major aquarium on the island of Maui that offers not only fun activities for the whole family, but also some extreme opportunities. For example, here you can swim with sharks or even dive into a deep pool to observe sea creatures in their natural environment. The cost of admission to the Maui Ocean Center is around $35-$40 for adults and $25-$30 for children.


Skyline Eco-Adventures

This is a company that offers ziplining tours on several islands in Hawaii, including Maui and Oahu. Here you can experience the adrenaline of flying through ziplines, flying over canyons, jungles, and waterfalls. The cost of ziplining tours with Skyline Eco-Adventures depends on the location and duration of the tour and usually starts at $100 to $200 per person.


Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park

This water park on the island of Oahu offers a wide variety of extreme rides including steep slides, wave pools, speed chambers and more. Here you can experience the adrenaline rush and enjoy water activities in a comfortable environment. The entrance fee to Hawaiin Waters Adventure Park is around $50-$60 for adults and $40-$50 for children.


These amusement parks offer unique opportunities for adventure and extreme recreation in Hawaii, attracting visitors of all ages and skill levels.

Transporting Sports Equipment: Tips for Extreme Sports Travelers



Transporting sports equipment in Hawaii requires special care and attention, especially when it comes to large items such as surfboards, SUP boards (stand up paddle boards), kites and mountain bikes. In this section, we’ll cover helpful tips for safely transporting your sports equipment in Hawaii, as well as options for renting equipment locally.


Tips for safe transportation of sports equipment:


  1. Prepare your equipment for transportation: Before traveling, make sure your sports equipment is in good condition and protected from damage. Use special covers, bags or sock covers to protect your equipment from scratches and bumps.
  2. Pack the equipment properly: Proper packaging plays a key role in the safe transportation of equipment. Use extra protective materials such as foam boards or foam to prevent damage during transportation.
  3. Choose the right transportation: When selecting a transportation vehicle, consider the size and shape of your equipment. For example, a vehicle with a roof rack or a special trailer is convenient for transporting surfboards or SUP boards.
  4. Use securing systems: Make sure your equipment is securely fastened inside or on the roof of the vehicle. Use special straps, ropes, or anchoring systems to prevent slipping or damage while driving.


On-site equipment rental options:


If you don’t want to worry about transporting your own equipment, there are plenty of places in Hawaii where you can rent sports equipment at affordable prices. For example:

  • Local Motion Surf Company: The company offers rentals of surfboards, SUP boards, kites, and other water sports equipment. Prices start at $20 per day.
  • Big Wave Dave Surf Co.: This company specializes in surf and SUP equipment rentals. They offer a wide selection of boards and accessories at reasonable prices.

Renting equipment locally saves the time and effort of transporting your own gear, and also provides the opportunity to try different types of equipment before purchasing.


On Sporting equipment transportation services from professional movers:

For those who prefer not to have to worry about transporting their equipment on their own, sports equipment moving companies offer sports equipment transportation services. These companies have the experience and the necessary equipment to transport even large groups of equipment over any distance.

Moving companies offer a wide range of sports equipment transportation services, providing convenient and reliable transportation even for large groups and over long distances. Here are some of the options provided by such companies:

  1. Specialized transportation: Many moving companies have special trucks and vehicles designed to transport large and bulky sports equipment such as mountain bikes, snowboards or kayaks.
  2. Packing and Protection: Movers can provide packing and protection services for your sports equipment, using special materials and methods to prevent damage during transportation.
  3. Storage: Movers can also offer equipment storage services if you need to temporarily vacate space or leave your equipment at another location until you arrive. The cost of services depends on the volume of equipment, distance, and other factors, so it’s best to discuss all the details in advance and get an accurate price quote.


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In conclusion of the article about extreme entertainment in Hawaii, it is worth noting that these islands are a unique place for active recreation and adventure. Stunning landscapes, a variety of climatic conditions and a rich selection of extreme sports make Hawaii an attractive destination for lovers of adrenaline and active lifestyle.

We’ve reviewed the various extreme activities available in Hawaii, such as skydiving, wakeboarding, and mountain biking. Each of these sports offers unique opportunities to challenge yourself, enjoy nature, and create unforgettable experiences.

In addition, it is also worth noting the importance of movers in the context of transporting sports equipment for tourism or relocation. These companies play a significant role in ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of sports equipment over significant distances. With their experience and specialized equipment, they ensure the safety and integrity of the equipment, which is especially important for extreme sports enthusiasts who have equipment that plays a key role in their hobbies and active lifestyles.

Thus, visiting Hawaii for extreme sports is not only an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature and adrenaline, but also requires proper organization of equipment transportation. Turning to a professional moving company will help make your Hawaii adventure even more comfortable and safe.

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